Grundig Satellit 3000

This Hybride was built between 1977 and 1978. It cost DM 1300.00, a princely sum even by today's standards and almost unheard of back in those days. But for the Grundig affecianado it was money well spent for a brand new concept in both the technical and the optical department for a receiver. It also weighed 9 Kg (approx. 18 lbs) Technical innovations included a on/ off switch for the digital frequency counter, a removable quartz clock, built in SSB unit. 3 position bandwidth selector, and 6 UKW (FM) preset buttons.



Grundig Satellit 3000
Dieser Hybrid wurde zwischen 1977 und 1978 hergestellt. Er kostete stolze DM 1300,- Dafür bekam man aber ein mechanisch völlig neu konzipierten Empfänger, der ebenso stolze 9 Kilogramm wog. Aber es gab auch bahnbrechende technische Innovationen:
Ein zu- abschaltbarer Frequenzzähler - Eine herausnehmbare Quarzuhr - eingebautes SSB - Teil - schalbarer ANL - dreistelliger Bandbreitenschalter - 6 Stationtasten bei UKW.




GRUNDIG Satellit 3000 DIGITAL. Collector's quality!

Built between 1977- 1978. From my private collection. Works perfectly and is in mint condition. Antenna straight, battery compartment clean, dials all crystal clear. Everything has been checked, new light bulbs, all contacts were cleaned. Radio is clean like new, sounds great and it a great performer!  € 450,-

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